Why Peonies Are Perfect for Wedding Bouquets?

Picture yourself walking down your wedding aisle with your perfect wedding bouquet, isn’t that beautiful? Like you, almost all the girls have dreamt of their fairy tale wedding where all the items are perfect be it their wedding dress, venue, flower arrangements, musical band, or the bouquet. Well, wedding preparation surely could be a daunting task for all the brides-to-be with a long, long to-do list. One of the important, yet best item on the to-do list is choosing the best bouquet that captures everyone’s attention. Now, how to choose that best bouquet? There are so many factors to consider....

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Lift Your Spirits During Lockdown With Flowers

With the current lockdown and fourth outbreak of coronavirus taking a daily toll on our lives, we are all stuck at our homes with unwanted stresses. Therefore, it is super important to exercise and do activities that lift moods and relieve stress. Flowers are nature’s incredible creatures, and receiving flowers has been proven to be a scientific mood booster. Sending flowers can instantly spread happiness and bring joy to whoever receives them. They uplift and soothe spirits and possess a magical power that brings smiles to people’s faces. Researchers have observed when given the gift of flowers. It has strong...

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Customised Mums Arrangement: A perfect Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day being right around the corner, you must be wondering how to make it more special this year for your Mum. Whatever you choose to pamper your mum with, be it a nice dinner at your favourite restaurant or a refreshing spa day, or any other luxurious gifts, everything would be incomplete without a beautiful flower bouquet. After all, flowers are synonymous with Mother’s Day and they are the perfect gift that brings a huge smile on every mum’s face. The tradition of giving flower gifts to mums on Mother’s Day has been growing more throughout the centuries. Why...

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