Customised Mums Arrangement: A perfect Mother’s Day gift

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Mother’s Day being right around the corner, you must be wondering how to make it more special this year for your Mum. Whatever you choose to pamper your mum with, be it a nice dinner at your favourite restaurant or a refreshing spa day, or any other luxurious gifts, everything would be incomplete without a beautiful flower bouquet. After all, flowers are synonymous with Mother’s Day and they are the perfect gift that brings a huge smile on every mum’s face.

The tradition of giving flower gifts to mums on Mother’s Day has been growing more throughout the centuries. Why wouldn’t it? After-all, flowers are the perfect way to honour mums whether they are still with us or have already been departed.

So, while we are talking about the floral gifts for Mother’s Day, here in Australia, we can never miss Chrysanthemums, popularly known as the Mums Flowers.

The word “MUMS” itself sums up the meaning of the flower which represents happiness, love, longevity, and immense joy. This flower is widely and extensively available in the month of May as if it was made just for the Mother’s Day Celebration. Chrysanthemums comes in different colours and each colour has different symbol.Know the meaning of each chrysanthemums and find the right one for your mum.

White Chrysanthemums represents honesty and loyalty
Violet Chrysanthemums represents get well soon
Red Chrysanthemums represents gratitude and motherly love
Yellow Chrysanthemums represents Sorrow and neglected love
Pink Chrysanthemums represents honest love

Wondering where to find the perfect Custom Mums Arrangements?

Don’t worry, we have you covered!

At Oopsy Daisy Flowers, we have a large variety of Chrysanthemum Disbuds in bouquet or flower arrangements ready for your Mum. Our signature Mother's Day Disbud "Mums" bouquet includes nine gorgeous stems accompanied by seasonal foliage presented in premium kraft paper and finished with our signature ribbon.

Whether you want to keep it simple or splurge on an extravagant arrangement, we are here to help you in every way to express your love and appreciation for your mum.

Order online and it will be hand delivered by us!

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