Lift Your Spirits During Lockdown With Flowers

Posted by Sonam Lama on

With the current lockdown and fourth outbreak of coronavirus taking a daily toll on our lives, we are all stuck at our homes with unwanted stresses. Therefore, it is super important to exercise and do activities that lift moods and relieve stress. Flowers are nature’s incredible creatures, and receiving flowers has been proven to be a scientific mood booster. Sending flowers can instantly spread happiness and bring joy to whoever receives them. They uplift and soothe spirits and possess a magical power that brings smiles to people’s faces. Researchers have observed when given the gift of flowers. It has strong positive effects on our emotional well-being. We feel more connected, loved, full of gratitude and less lonely.



So, we all need more flowers in our lives, especially during our current lockdown. So, let us provide you with stunning and mood-altering floral arrangements and flower bouquets for you and your loved ones for the home or office and all occasions. Let us help you to bring a smile to someone’s face and show them you are thinking of them during this lockdown.

Don’t let lockdown stop you from buying or sending flowers. We offer a fast delivery service even during these restrictions.


Order flowers online by 1 pm for same-day delivery, even during the lockdown.

Open for Contactless Delivery Across Melbourne.

We take orders 24x7 online.

Stay Safe and Well! 

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