Why Peonies Are Perfect for Wedding Bouquets?

Posted by Sonam Lama on

Picture yourself walking down your wedding aisle with your perfect wedding bouquet, isn’t that beautiful?

Like you, almost all the girls have dreamt of their fairy tale wedding where all the items are perfect be it their wedding dress, venue, flower arrangements, musical band, or the bouquet. Well, wedding preparation surely could be a daunting task for all the brides-to-be with a long, long to-do list.


One of the important, yet best item on the to-do list is choosing the best bouquet that captures everyone’s attention. Now, how to choose that best bouquet? There are so many factors to consider. Which flowers would you nail for your wedding: something cool or classy? More colourful or neutral? How about the sizes?

Have not given a thought about it or unsure what to choose? We have a great suggestion for you. If you like cool, feminine, and elegant flowers which also gives a romantic vibe then, choose Peonies – The Perfect Wedding Flowers.

Peonies are undeniably gorgeous, and it also symbolises love, romance, kindness, and prosperity. In some cultures, Peonies are known as the “King of flowers” and are regarded as the omen of good fortune and happy marriage. Therefore, this chic flower is often found linked to beautiful brides.

Peonies come in all shapes and sizes and hence, fit perfectly in almost all wedding themes today. The variety of beautiful colour choices with corals, true whites, vibrant pinks and deep purples, their amazing scent and texture will surely add sparkle to any style of celebration you have planned for.  Another fun fact about peonies is some peonies can change colour. It is hard to believe but, peonies called “Coral Charm” can change colour. Isn’t it magical?

With Peonies, you can have one more option for your cake décor. As peonies petals are non-toxic, you can add them to your cake décor carrying on your wedding theme. Peony’s petals will look absolutely stunning on trays and plates.

Lastly, Peonies are perfect to honour the wedding events in photographs as they photograph beautifully adding depth and texture to wedding pictures. Hence, peonies would surely be a treat to the photographers as well.

Well, you have enough reasons to choose Peonies for your wedding bouquet. Now, you only have to choose the colour and shape of your bouquet, then you are all done.

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