3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Make Your Dad Feel Extra Special

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With Father’s Day around the corner, you’re probably wondering what to gift your dad to celebrate him and make his day just a little bit more special. We all know, dads would appreciate anything his children gift him and accept it with love.  

Our dads are often the rock, strength and inspiration in many of our lives. Finding a gift that encapsulates appreciation for them is not an easy task. Here are few gift ideas we came up with for Father’s Day that would make dads feel loved and extra special.

Personalised Gift Hampers


Nothing can beat a personalised gift hamper. Fill Dad’s hamper with treats he will love, most of the time you can’t go wrong with food and alcohol.  Start with a bottle of wine or his favorite whiskey, a small charcuterie plater that might include some gourmet cheese, delicious French saucisson and Spanish jamon accompanied with maybe some foie gras, dried fruits and some sweet treats such as premium dark chocolates to finish off. There are plenty of other options to add to your hamper for your dad. No matter what you get for him, we’re pretty sure your dad will definitely fill the love and appreciation if gifted with this decadent hamper. Maybe he’ll even share some treats with you!  

A Father’s Day Getaway Treat

You know what they say, time is now your most precious commodity and none of us really have much of it. A day spent with one of your favorite people is such a luxury.  Why not plan a day with dad filled with doing things that he loves, a round of golf, lunch at his  favorite pub, a drive to a new cellar door he has never been to? Fishing by the bay or a paddle on a kayak on the Yarra. Victoria is such a great state, there are so many options for great experiences to make wonderful and lasting memories.

Green Gifts for Dads

Gone are the days of gifting dad ties, shirts and socks for Father’s Day. With the current covid-19 environment, working from home is now the norm. No need for dads to suit and shirt up anymore.

There are plenty of benefits with dads working from home. For one, it eliminates commute stress, saving money from reduced use of public transport and in turn positive environmental impact. However, there are some drawbacks too. A key concern is maintaining good mental health while working from home. One of the best ways to help dads to manage positive mental health is through having indoor plants in their workspace or home office.


Research have found that actively interacting with plants can reduce physical and emotional stress. It can also lower blood pressure while promoting a relaxed and soothing feelings and lift moods.

So, why not surprise dad with a potted plant this Father’s Day that will keep his sprit high and body mind healthy.

With the help of the given gift ideas, you’re going to make your Father’s Day memorable for certain. For an extra tip, take note of your dad’s interest and likes while choosing the gift. Just remember one thing, no matter what gift you decide to go with, he’s going to appreciate and love it!

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