Rubber Plant "Ficus Elastica Burgundy"

Rubber Plant "Ficus Elastica Burgundy"

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An indoor favourite, this popular, robust evergreen with shiny burgundy leaves is hardy and low maintenance. 

Dimensions: W:250mm Pot, H:90cm 

Planter: Included

Plant Care:

Light - Bright, indirect light to keep her variegated leaves.

Water - Allow topsoil to dry out before watering, and water evenly so that the soil is damp, not soggy. Watering the plant with fresh, lukewarm water generously and evenly from above, then drain out any excess water. 

Tips - Grows best in a typical humidity environment. If the air around the plant is too dry, occasionally mist the plant to increase humidity.

For best results - Fertilise with seaweed tonic and apply foliage spray every three to four weeks. Apply soil food every two months. Keep dust-free by wiping the leaves with a damp towel - this will allow the plant to continue to photosynthesise.

Pet friendly? No 


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